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14-05-2018 - Bianca Bobis - 0 comments
What to Wear to the Royal Ascot

 What to Wear to the Royal Ascot

OK ladies, Royal Ascot is a little over a month away! Eeeek! Stress! Stress trying to remember the dress codes for each section. And even more stress trying to make sure you don't turn up in the same dress ten other girls are wearing! I mean, come on, like this task wasn’t hard enough as it is. You need to become a fashion expert, dress like a royal and become a clairvoyant all at the same time! There was a brief moment in time when the Royal Ascot focused on the horses.  You would pick a pretty sounding name with the hope you'll win a little bit of cash. Oh, and try not to embarrass yourself by getting too drunk. OK, the not embarrassing yourself point probably still stands. You don’t want to be the Queen's topic of discussion at breakfast because you tried to moon the Royal family.


Anywho, Royal Ascot has become one of the biggest fashion events of the year. So, you probably shouldn’t try and wing an outfit. The pressure has decreased a little, now that both Princes are officially off the market ????. There will, however, be cameras and judging eyes at every turn. I couldn’t think of anything worse than featuring in OK Magazine as the worst dressed at the Royal Ascot. OK, maybe mooning the Royal Family would be slightly worse than that. Please don’t do that. Ever. Thanks

So ladies, I thought I would pick out some rule-abiding outfits, from my little boutique here in Epping High Street. Benefits of shopping in a boutique? You can avoid wearing a dress ten other ladies are wearing!


Royal Enclosure – Ladies Dress code:

This beautiful dress follows all the rules. It’s the perfect length and the strap is an inch wide! Wear this with a bolero, hat with a 4” (minimum) solid base, and a stunning pair of heels. You will give a few princesses a run for their money!


Queen Anne enclosure - Ladies Dress Code:

The Royal Ascot made the decision to embrace more modern fashion trends and allow jumpsuits. So there's no better occasion to wear our best selling polka dot jumpsuit. Classy enough to get the nod of approval from the Queen. Cute enough to get the nod of approval from your girls! Win-win really!


Village Enclosure – Ladies Dress Code:

Well now you’re allowed to show a little more skin, why not wear our gorgeous mint green midi dress and show a little leg.


Windsor Enclosure – Ladies Dress Code

Time to flash the shoulders! Bardot is officially allowed in the Windsor enclosure! Yay! So, why not wear our gorgeous floral bardot dress with mesh sleeves. People may forget to watch the races when they see you in this dress!!!


Want more inspiration? The Royal Ascot has created a video, to make abiding by their fashion rules look incredibly easy!


B x


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