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14-04-2018 - Bianca Bobis - 0 comments
What To Wear to a Wedding

Wedding season is in full effect. So, if you’re not involved in the wedding, you may be frantically googling variations of,

“what to wear to a wedding?”.

The only rule that we all knows is, you can’t wear white to a wedding unless you’re attending a Solange Knowles style wedding. So, if that’s the only rule, why is it still so difficult to work out what to wear to a wedding?! It’s probably because not wearing white leaves you with a million and one options. Then there’s the multitude of dress codes you may have to follow. Casual, cocktail, black tie. All the categories that tend to make you Google things like “What counts as casual for a wedding” or, “What should I wear to a black tie wedding”.

The short story is, you want to look as great as possible without upstaging the bride…. Well I mean you could upstage the bride if you… Just kidding ????

Well first, I’m going to start by saying, not wearing white to a wedding is NOT the only rule. I don’t think there are many fashion faux pas worse than showing too much boob or can’t-bend-over-without-causing-a-full-moon length skirts to a wedding. There’s a time and a place to flash the flesh, but I’m sorry, a wedding isn’t that time or place!

The catwalk has given us loads of inspiration for some amazing wedding guest outfits this Spring/Summer. Pretty pastels, feminine florals, and romantic ruffles are all perfect for the wedding season. So, if you are wondering what to wear to a wedding, take a look below for some wedding guest fashion inspo!

Casual wedding dress code:

Seriously, a casual wedding seems likes the biggest contradiction you could possibly think of. I mean if you want to really confuse someone, tell them to dress casually for a wedding. Well, ladies, casual in the summer is the perfect opportunity to bring out your favourite summer dress. Light materials, floral patterns and you can even get away with wearing flats.

I love our floral summer dress with bell sleeves for a casual wedding. The long sleeves are perfect for the always slightly too cold wedding ceremony. And possibly the greatest thing about this dress is it looks great with both flats and high heels!


Cocktail wedding dress code:

This is my ultimate fave dress code for a wedding. It’s an opportunity to go super girly and have some fun with your dress.

This 50’s inspired cocktail dress is delicious. The wrap over top is so flattering and the full skirt makes your waist look tiny. I love the colour as well! It goes with almost all skin tones (which is a lifesaver when my tan is running a low).


Black tie wedding dress code:

So I know you’re not allowed to upstage the bride… but I guess there are no rules about upstaging the bridesmaids ????

Black tie is the second most formal style of dress. The good thing is, if you look smart you can get away with anything from a cocktail dress to trouser suit. But, I love dresses. So if I get told black tie as a dress code for a wedding, I’m going full-on princess. And you don’t get more princess than this stunning Ana Radu dress.


Whatever you wear ladies, make sure you feel great, have fun and try not to get too wasted… Unless you really want to!



B x

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