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03-07-2018 - Bianca Bobis - 0 comments
5 Ready-Made Excuses to Buy an Evening Gown or Cocktail Dress

I'm kinda cliché with how dress mad I am. So I’m always looking for an excuse to buy another dress. When it’s a casual, LBD or night out dress the excuses come thick and fast. However, evening gowns and cocktail dresses are a little bit tougher. But, any dress that can make you feel like a Hollywood superstar Disney Princess that rides unicorns, has to be worth it right?

But I’ve got your back! I’ve put together a list of ready-made excuses that will convince you that its always necessary to buy cute cocktail dress or seriously sexy evening gown!

B-Invogue red one shoulder evening gown


1) Prom season! OK so if you’re reading this you may not be 16 and just leaving school. But don’t worry! You may need to chaperone your daughter, friend’s daughter or random person you met on the way home from work. Or, an even more important reason is that you have to have a stack of cocktail dresses and evening gowns in your house just in case some devastated 16 year old comes knocking on your door crying because her dress has been ripped to shreds by a racoon. What?! It could happen! In any case, you need to be prepared. When you need a prom dress last minute you can never find one. So, having a wardrobe full of reserves is not just smart, its essential.

2) Wedding season! Wedding season is annoying, unless you’re the one getting married obviously. Once you get to a certain age, weddings seem to be stacked one on top of the other. The pressure of social media means you can’t really wear the same dress to more than one wedding! Unless you want to stick it to the man! But, if you buy evening gowns as and when you see them, it means that you’re always prepared for the wedding, and you avoid having to spend a fortune all in one go. Now that’s just good sense.

Purple cocktail dress

3) You could bag a date with a famous person. Or, if you’re already taken, you might become best friends with a famous person. Bump into Rhianna whilst waiting for an Uber or, something like that. Then they get nominated for an award and ask you to walk the red carpet with them. How gutted would you be if you had to say “no” because you don’t have anything appropriate to wear? I mean, Samira from Love Island went out with Chris Pine. That’s proof that you have to be ready for anything. Imagine turning down Chris Pine. No I couldn’t imagine doing that either (and I’m married!). So, you always have to be ready to mingle with the celebrities. Having a few evening gowns in your wardrobe could literally change your life!

4) Halloween and other fancy-dress parties. Right, I get that this one (in comparison to the other reasons) may seem a little strange. But let me explain. Cocktail dresses are basically just glam party dresses. If you have a burning desire to look like a Hollywood superstar Disney Princess that rides unicorns, then you probably don’t want to wear a furry monster outfit to a party. Cocktail dresses are so versatile. You can wear them to a cocktail party or, to a Halloween party when you want to dress up as Carrie from Sex and the City. It’s a thing I swear. Carrie wouldn’t be seen dead in an actual fancy dress outfit. You definitely deserve to look as good, if not better than Carrie. Cocktail dresses are definitely the answer.

Black Evening Gown B-Invogue

5) Redefine the term LBD. The saying goes “you can never have enough Little Black Dresses” right? Well, what if LBD actually means Long Black Dresses”? You now have a great reason to stock up on some super glamorous black evening gowns.

The truth is, evening gowns and cocktail dresses can make you feel super special. There’s no better reason than that for you to buy as many lush dresses as you want if it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel beautiful. However, if you ever do need another reason, I’m pretty certain any of the above will suffice!


Have fun ladies

B x

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